Welcome Friends With Hearts Niagara

Jay Perry

We are now in the Niagara, Ontario region after a great friend decided she would start a FWH group and we so excited!

Group leader, Paje Pokjowy, is the owner of Honor Beauty, a hair and makeup business located in the heart of the region. When she came to me in the summer asking if she could start a group, I knew she would be perfect for it. I’ve only know her for about two years now, but seeing how dedicated she is to her business, and more importantly how dedicated she is to being a Mom, I couldn’t be happier to have Paje lead Friends With Hearts Niagara.

Paje and FWH Niagara have partnered with the local YWCA who provide services and programming to people living in poverty.

Thank you Page for taking on this endeavour and bringing Christmas to deserving kids and families this year.

Please visit the FWH Niagara page for full details and information if you wish to get involved.

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