Friends With Hearts Niagara

friends with hearts niagara

Becoming a mother was why I wanted to be part of Friends with Hearts Niagara. Being a parent is hard, but so rewarding. I never want to let my kid down. I cannot imagine being a mother that cannot provide everything my child needs. The magic of Christmas can melt away sorrows for many, and give them this incredible joy for a brighter tomorrow, so being apart of an organization that strives to provide an incredible Christmas for so many families in need feels so right. 

I hope that together we can touch as many families as possible by giving them a magical Christmas.



Affiliated with: YWCA Niagara Falls (Culp Street)

2021 Donation Cut Off: TBA

Wrapping Party: TBA
Time: 5-8pm
Location: 28 Front Street South, Thorold, ON (Quebec Bank building — there is no number out front on most of the buildings). At the side entrance (in the alley) you’ll see 28.


donation info

Use this email if you wish to donate via online email-transfer: (preferred)

frequently asked questions

No, FWH is not a registered charity nor does the group have to be. We work with local charities, non-profit organizations, schools, and churches to support their holiday giving programs. We advocate that 100% of our donations goes toward the families – to include gifts, gift cards, food, cards and wrapping paper.

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