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  • What a great community we live in

    One of the most heartwarming things ever happened to Friends With Hearts. I love it when children get involved in giving back. But sometimes it’s hard. They have no money, they have no way of communication, and sometimes they just don’t understand. This is why we really need to involve them as much as we […]
  • We did it! Hello USA! Welcome FWH New York City

    A few years ago, I had the idea of spreading what we were doing at Friends With Hearts Hamilton to other cities across Canada. After the first year of testing in Vancouver, I was quickly convinced that the model would work and was needed elsewhere. After successfully setting it up in five cities across Canada, […]
  • Welcome Friends With Hearts Niagara

    We are now in the Niagara, Ontario region after a great friend decided she would start a FWH group and we so excited! Group leader, Paje Pokjowy, is the owner of Honor Beauty, a hair and makeup business located in the heart of the region. When she came to me in the summer asking if […]
  • #fwhHamilton2015 Launches Today

    Rather than write a full blog, I thought we could just take the post from Jay Perry’s Facebook page: Sitting down, putting my feet up, grabbing a bag of Doritos and throwing on a movie is something that seems so impossible to me lately. It’s been quite the time since my schedule has allowed me […]
  • Friends With Hearts launches in Cornwall.

    Today is an exciting day as we are yet again growing. Past FWH donor, Amberly Léger, who also runs the “Cornwall Princess Project”, has started a FWH group in Cornwall and we couldn’t be happier. Amberly has teamed up with friend Justine Viray-Levac, and their group will be partnered with the Maison Baldwin House Cornwall […]
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