What a great community we live in

Jay Perry

One of the most heartwarming things ever happened to Friends With Hearts.

I love it when children get involved in giving back. But sometimes it’s hard. They have no money, they have no way of communication, and sometimes they just don’t understand. This is why we really need to involve them as much as we can in the process. To introduce the idea of giving to those less fortune as soon as we can.

A few weeks ago, my friend Beatrice Poirier approached me with an idea. Beatrice, a proud Hamiltonian, and new to what FWH is, works for the amazing organization Autism Ontario. She runs events and activities for local children who have autism. She wanted to see what they could do for FWH and her incredible idea was; “I’m running an arts and crafts night for the kids. Do you think we could make Christmas decorations for your wrapping party?”……… ummmmm. YES!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

This was the best thing ever. And to make it even more unreal….. Every volunteer involved with this night got a $5 gift card to Tim Hortons….. well, every single one of those gift cards were donated to us so we can use them for our families. We seriously live in the best community ever!

Thank you so much Beatrice and Autism Ontario. Attached are some images of what they made and the event.








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