#fwhHamilton2015 Launches Today

Jay Perry

Rather than write a full blog, I thought we could just take the post from Jay Perry’s Facebook page:

Sitting down, putting my feet up, grabbing a bag of Doritos and throwing on a movie is something that seems so impossible to me lately. It’s been quite the time since my schedule has allowed me to do such a thing. I miss it dearly but I was the one who chose this busy life.

‘Successful’ people have been known to say things such as “focus on one thing and one thing only” or “if you focus on two birds at the same time, you’ll miss them both.” So logic tells me that I shouldn’t add something else to my currently overloaded plate. This brings me to the project I started way back in 2011 called Friends With Hearts. Typically I’ve launched each years campaign around the start of October and it went strong up until the end of November.

Sadly, I won’t be able to run Friends With Hearts this year…. are words my biggest supporter would never have let me say nor even think about. “I tell people about the work you have done with Friends With Hearts well before anything about photography. It makes me a proud parent to let people know about it and I’m beyond proud to call you my son”, are words my Dad said to me about a year ago. And if you know my Dad, these were hard words for him to convey as his emotional communication skills usually stayed as thoughts in his head.

The picture attached to this post is from last year. My Dad, a few months before his passing, legs starting to give out on him, mind starting to go, but finding the strength to attach mailing labels to Friends With Hearts thank you cards. I cannot let him down and I will not let him down.

So today marks the official launch of Friends With Hearts Hamilton 2015!

This year might be a bit smaller but it will still happen. Family’s in Hamilton still need our help. I will find the time and energy to do my best to make this a success. I know my Dad will be watching from above as we work to help bring children the joy of Christmas.

But as time is not on our side, I’m hoping to reach out to people for some help by spreading the word. And again, I’ll never ask anyone to donate but I will invite you to be part of our amazing team if you so wish. Share this post. Tweet about it. Help wrap gifts. Whatever you can do. And if you do feel like making a contribution, you can find out all the details here http://www.friendswithhearts.com/jay-perry/.

Thank you for listening and thanks once again to all the amazing people who have been a part of Friends With Hearts since day 1. Love you all.

I got this, Dad!


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