Thank You to The Printing House

Jay Perry

When every cent that comes in goes to the families we sponsor, it makes it extremely difficult to find funding for prints, thank you cards, and media pieces we need for Friends With Hearts.

Then The Printing House stepped in.

I had been previously using and still use The Printing House for all my printing needs for my company and because of the exceptional quality and unreal service from the Hamilton location, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to set up a meeting and ask…… I called branch manager Peter Baraniecki and I wanted to see if The Printing House would be interested in helping us out with all our printing. I had a chat with Peter and he brought our request to the attention of the owners and it was pretty much an instant “we would love to help out”.

We hope you will check out The Printing House as I have always been 110% satisfied with the quality and service.

We can’t thank them enough for helping us out this year with everything. Thank you so much!!!!!

The Printing House –

A few samples of what they did for us this year.







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