Lindsay & Chris did an unbelievable thing at their wedding.

Jay Perry

Every time I receive a donation, it reassures me that, amongst all this chaos and negativity that the major media networks over saturate us with, there are still people in this world who are willing to lend a helping hand and it makes me smile. Especially with Friends With Hearts, because there is absolutely no gain on the donors part other than the satisfaction of knowing they helped a family in need this holiday season.

Enter Lindsay. Lindsay and I attended the same high school. She was a year younger, and although we didn’t hang around each other, or talk much, we weren’t opposed to a polite “hi” in the hallways. As high school ended and everyone went their separate ways, Lindsay and myself would keep in touch via Facebook and life would go on.

In 2011, when I first started Friends With Hearts, Lindsay was one of the very first donors, and has been a FWH donor ever since. She has always been one of our #1 supporters and I am beyond grateful for what she has done.

Now let’s go to this past summer. I believe it was June 2014 and I would head to a local pub with a few friends. I noticed Lindsay was there and it had been years since our paths crossed in person. It was something other than Facebook. I finally had a chance to thank her in person for everything she has done for FWH.

I approached her and said how thankful I was for her support and that’s when she hit me with it……….. “So, my fiancé Chris and I are getting married this September. I was wondering if it would be ok, that instead of gifts for our guests, we want to make a donation on behalf of them to Friends With Hearts”. I stared at her puzzled and blown away. I’m pretty sure I responded with a “what?”, just to make sure I had heard everything correctly.

And so in September, Lindsay contacted me again to work out all the details and the week after their wedding, Lindsay & Chris presented me with an extremely generous donation for Friends With Hearts. It was such a great day and even while writing this post, I’m still in shock that it happened. But also extremely grateful.

Lindsay & Chris, you are both amazing people and your donation will go such a long way to providing Christmas to multiple families this year. Congratulations once again on the wedding.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

We are so lucky to have you both part of our Hamilton group. For those wishing to still help out, you can find full details here:

Please take a minute to view how beautiful their wedding day was.


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