FWH is born! CAS is our first project.

Jay Perry

Today is a big day. Friends With Hearts is officially alive!

Last year I wanted to raise money for families in the Hamilton, Ontario area at Christmas through the Children’s Aid Society. I presented the idea on Twitter thinking that a few of my friends would jump on board, but was so blown away at the amount of friends and new friends that wanted to help out. For me, not only did it feel amazing to raise money for two families, but that I got to do it all with my friends.

After that project is when I decided to start Friends With Hearts. It’s exactly what the name says; caring and compassionate friends coming together to make a difference. I hope to one day even take my name off of this website. I only have it on here, and information about myself (in the Credibility & Links section) to prove who I am to friends I have yet to meet. It’s totally understandable that when dealing with money, people will have questions. I know I would.

As it states on the Home page, Friends With Hearts is NOT a charity. It’s a place where people can come to see fund-raising projects that are going on and how to get involved.

Who knows how this site will evolve and that’s the fun part. But as for now, we are focusing our first project on joining the Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton and raising money for their Christmas Family Sponsorship program once again.

Here is a quick video from the work we all did last year.


For more details on how to get involved this year, head over to the Christmas Sponsorship page, to see how to donate.

I am super excited to have launched this website today and to get going with this first project.

It’s amazing what a group of friends can do.


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