Friends With Hearts do Yoga. At Lova Yoga.

Jay Perry

Last week, my friend Christina reached out to me with an idea to support Friends With Hearts. She runs Lova Yoga in Stoney Creek who’s vision is to promote happiness and fulfillment through the synergy of community. The team at Lova Yoga decided to step off their yoga matts and into the community. Before contacting me, Christina had already connected with the owner of The Healing Sol to donate space and had already gained commitment from some of her yogis to start up Karma classes – classes in which all of the proceeds will go to Friends With Hearts and towards supporting local families.

Starting this Saturday October 26th at 9:00am, Lova Yoga will be hosting five Karma Yoga Classes at The Healing Sol Spa through the end of November. The ask is a minimum $10 donation per class.

Check out or email to support.


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