Friends With Hearts – Christmas Sponsorship Video 2012

Jay Perry

This was the second year I worked on this drive but it was the first year under the Friends With Hearts name and I feel so honoured to have worked on this project with so many incredible individuals. We did something amazing and you should all be proud of yourselves. I owe so much thanks to everyone involved.

Below is a brief video wrap up and summary of this year.

Thank you to all those who either donated, help wrap gifts, shopped, dealt with my millions of questions or help spread the word about friends with hearts.

The Friends With Hearts Team 2012

Adam Burchill, Adam Gurman & Caitlin Buxton, Adrianna Mikulin & Aaron Williams, Alisha-Marie Ahamed, Allan Grzicic, Amberly Coulter, Ryan Leger, Ruca and Lyla, Andrea Dyer, Andrea Rehill, Andrew Moore, Angel Scime, Anna Carpenter, Anna Farago, Anne Fox, Anthony Dragusica, Bethany Ippolito, Brenda DellaMaestra, Cait Currie, Chantal Devine, Chelsea Novelli, Christina Lovasic, Colin Young, Dana Begin, Daniela Tenace, Darlene Dobson, Diana Brucculieri, Frankie Mazzuca, Janine and Rob White, Jason Mante, Jay Perry, Jennifer & Bryan Haan, Kathryn Stirling, Kathy DeMerchant Photography, Katie Gentile, Kaylee & Andy Inglis, Kayleigh Stringer, Keith and Vasie Kacsuta, Kris Perry, Sharon Tavares, Hayden and Lauren, Kristin Archer, Krystal Taylor, Leah Carpenter, Lena DiGovanni, Leo Gagnon, Lindsay Mckenzie, Lisa Mendolia, Madison Stringer, Marion and Darryl Perry, Mark Noce, Matt Skidmore, Michelle D’Alimonte, Michelle Pobega, Monica and Jordan Jakymyshyn, Nancy Skidmore, Natalie Jakymyshyn, Rachel Horton, Rebecca Shragge, Shawn Swartman, Sheebs Milligan, Stacey Funke, Stephanie Trendocher, Steve Skrtich, Tom Majewski

Thank You and hope to see you next year 🙂


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