Autographed Alexisonfire Rare Vinyl Record Up For Auction

Jay Perry

We are thrilled to announce that Canadian music legends, Alexisonfire, have donated the first pressing of Old Crows/Young Cardinals to Friends With Hearts, which is not only signed by all 5 members of the band, but also features bonus tracks that didn’t appear on the CD. And since we know you can’t wait to get your paws on that, we’ve decided to auction it off through Twitter, with all proceeds going to the Friends With Hearts mission to sponsor families through Good Shepherd’s Christmas sponsorship program.

As this record was signed during AOF’s last show ever in Hamilton, it is a unique piece of local music memorabilia that we’re extremely grateful to put to good use. So let’s fill you in on the rules and fine print on how to bid, shall we?

1. You MUST be following @fwHearts on Twitter.

2. Tweet your bid to Friends With Hearts in this EXACT format:

Hey @fwHearts, I want to bid on the autographed @aof_official record. My bid is $___ #fwh2013 #aofauction

Be 190% sure to include the hash tags so that WE can find your bid and so that YOU can find the most recent/highest bidder…and outdo them. We will tweet the highest bid each evening to keep you in the loop.

3. We will only accept bids in increments of $10, this way we can avoid people out-bidding one another by a penny…which is fitting, since our government has basically banished them forever.

4. This auction will BEGIN on October 8, 2013 at 12:00pm EST (Just Google the time in Toronto if you live outside of Canada) and it will END at 6:00pm EST on October 30th, 2013. We will touch base with the highest bidder and send him/her a PayPal invoice for the payment. He/she will have three (3!) days to issue payment. If payment is not received within 3 days, we will move on to the next highest bidder and declare them the auction winner.

6. The auction winner is responsible for any shipping fees. We will include the shipping cost on top of your bid with the PayPal invoice.

7. Friends With Hearts reserves the right to disqualify anybody from the auction who hasn’t followed these rules and instructions. By bidding, you hereby acknowledge that you have read and accept these rules that have been outlined for the Alexisonfire Rare Vinyl Record Auction.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message via our contact page.

Good luck!

Here are a few images of the band signing the record.





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