Why the switch from The Children’s Aid Society to Good Shepherd?

Jay Perry

If you have been following along or been involved with Friends With Hearts over the past two years, you will know that we were partnered with The Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton and all donations/gifts went to help families through their Christmas sponsorship program.

A few days before we were scheduled to launch Friends With Hearts for 2013, I stumbled upon the news that things were changing this year with The Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton. After a few quick phone calls and a meeting, I found out that the government had cut funding to The Children’s Aid and the first people to go were the ones running their Christmas program. The CAS’ manpower had been significantly reduced and it’s only hurting those in need.

They are still running a small Christmas program but its more of a toy drive and doesn’t fit into what we do with Friends With Hearts so I went on a search to find a group in Hamilton that we could partner with.

I came across Good Shepherd and after a quick meeting, it was the perfect fit. They do their drive the exact same way as the CAS did their drive. This means we will still have our own families to sponsor, still do our own shopping, and still have our wrapping party. Although we are sad to leave the CAS, they are completely understanding of our decision and Good Shepherd are happy to have us be a part of their program.

We look forward to this new partnership and are extremely happy to be involved with Good Shepherd.


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