1st Annual Friends With Hearts Wrapping Party

Jay Perry

Throughout the last month I had a few people asking if I needed any help wrapping gifts this year. As we got more into the shopping, I soon realized how many gifts are involved with sponsoring 23 people so I decided to hold a wrapping party. The idea was not only to get assistance with wrapping gifts but also to hopefully kickstart the Christmas spirit and have people be more involved than just their donation. We had Christmas music blasting and everyone was smiling. 🙂

A HUGE thank you goes out to the 12 people that came out last night to help wrap the gifts we purchased this year.

Chantal Devine, Darlene Dobson, Andrea Dyer, Stacey Funke, Allan Grzici, Kaylee Inglis, Andy Inglis, Monica Jakymyshyn, Natalie Jakymyshyn, Marion Perry (my Mom), Andrea Rehill, and Angel Scime, you all made this night such a huge success and I GREATLY appreciate all the help. Thank you so much.

It was nice for friends to meet other friends and share in some delicious treats. Thanks to Andrea Dyer for brining some unreal brownies.

As we doubled in numbers from last year, I’m hoping to once again double the numbers. We will definitely be doing this again next year. Hope to see you there 🙂

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