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For all those who expressed interested in buying a Friends With Hearts sweater – the first thing I want you to know is that I have NO idea what I’m doing when it comes to selling clothing so I ask you kindly to bare with me as I learn from the mistakes and figure this thing out. 🙂

I want everyone to know that the profit from these sweaters does not go directly to the families. I say directly because the profit will go to help support everything that happens behind the scenes ie: website hosting costs, banking costs and all miscellaneous costs that are required to keep FWH going. Since 2011, I have been paying for these expenses out of pocket which was fine in the early years because it was never supposed to get this big and now it’s costing quite a bit. So, I really really appreciate all those who support FWH through these sweaters because it’s basically keeping us alive and I wanted to be upfront with everything.

The goal with these sweaters is to hopefully raise awareness of what we are doing but I will say that if it’s either buying a sweater or donating to a FWH group, I would much rather see your support go to a group because those dollars will go directly to the families. Our goal was never to and still isn’t to sell clothing. It’s way better to see a kid experience Christmas.

NOTE: These are all pre-orders. We aren’t a clothing brand so I won’t be carrying inventory. You must order and pay for the sweater before it’s made.

The fine print:

Cost of the sweater: $35 CAD

How much of that goes too FWH? $8. I know, not much but I wanted to keep these as affordable as possible.

The kicker?? Shipping!! UGH. It costs $20 to ship pretty much anywhere in Canada that is outside my town. So crazy! And to be honest, I don’t’ know a way to calculate specific shipping cost to the penny without going to Canada Post for every order and then email you back, so I have to make it a $20 flat rate for shipping until this gets figured out. If you pay $20 for shipping and for whatever reason it ends up being like $12.85, I’ll e-transfer you back the remaining. Again, learning as I go. If you are a shipping expert, teach me!!!

Live In The Hamilton Area? I wouldn’t want to pay shipping either. If you live close, let me know  because I have a place where you can pick up your sweater(s) when they are ready. I have partnered with The Haberdashery – a vintage boutique clothing store in Hamilton owned by my friend Holly that will be a place for pick up. Once your sweater(s) are ready, I will email you and let you know you can pick it up. Just go in, say your name, and leave with your sweater cause shipping is so so expensive.

The Haberdashery – 532 Concession Street, Hamilton, Ontario. Lots of street parking out front, and lots of free parking on E 21st St.
Hours – 
Tuesday – Friday: 11am-6pm. Saturday: 11am-4pm.

The Haberdashery on Facebook –
The Haberdashery on Instagram –


Ordering more than one? Shipping? Shipping would definitely be less (I’m assuming) if you ordered multiple shirts I will always transfer you the left over shipping money back.

Are you ordering from outside of Canada?? If you’re in the USA, email me first before you order and we’ll figure out cost/shipping in USD. Outside of North America?? Ok, definitely email me and we’ll come up with something.

Returns??? uhhh… I really have no idea how to handle that but if you really really need to return something, email me and I guess we can figure it out.

How long will it take to ship to you? No idea. I don’t carry inventory so once ordered, I then order the shirt, then bring it to the printer, and then get it back. Hopefully we can streamline things after testing this method for a while.

Sizes Available:

Kids – 1.5-2Y, 2-4Y, 4-6Y, 6-8Y, 8-10Y
Adults – XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Sweaters are MENS – 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester.

Sizing Chart:

How to order:

Send an e-transfer of $55 CAD (or $55 x number of sweaters you want) to and then send me an email with the details below.

(I’m guessing the more you order, the less shipping will be and I’ll refund that cash)


Email: with the subject line: “Order Details”


1. Answer to your e-transfer security question.

2. Name that the e-transfer comes from so I know its you.

3. Your complete shipping address.

4. The size and quantity of sweaters.

If you have any questions about this send me an email –

Thank you so much for wanting to help us raise awareness to what we are doing at Friends With Hearts. Hopefully this process gets easier over time.

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