Join our circle of friends and start your own FWH group


We could start rambling off statistic after statistic about how poor and in need a certain percentage of families are, but you already know that. You walk through your hometown, and you see it with your own eyes. We aren’t trying to sell you on numbers, but we ARE inviting you to help us put a small dent in this problem… in your hometown.

Friends With Hearts is going into it’s fourth year, and we have been successful at sponsoring families and bringing hope to those in need during the Christmas season.

As started by Jay Perry in his hometown of Hamilton, Ontario, the first two years were solely focused on sponsoring families in that city. As bad as it is in Hamilton, we know that it is probably worse in other cities and they need some help. Around this time last year, Jackie Sinfield, a resident of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, asked if she could start her own FWH group out west and do her part to bringing Christmas to families in need.

The success of FWH Vancouver is what inspired us and brings us here today.

We are reaching out to motivated individuals all across the globe to invite them to start their own FWH group and give these families the Christmas we all experienced as kids. We believe that regardless of circumstance, everyone deserves to know the magic of Christmas.

It’s very simple to do and if you are interested, please head over to our “HOW TO START YOUR OWN GROUP” section for full details. 

We look forward to hearing about you.