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  • Friends With Hearts launches in Toronto!

    We are excited to announce that past Friends With Hearts supporter and all around amazing person, Julia Brucculieri, has started up a Friends With Hearts group in the big city! Toronto now has it’s first Friends With Hearts group and we couldn’t be more excited. If you are a fellow Torontonian and wish to help […]
  • Friends With Hearts Vancouver is here!

    We are excited to announce that Friends With Hearts is once again happening in Vancouver. Last year, group leader Jackie Sinfield, successfully ran FWH for the first time outside of Hamilton, Ontario and she is back once again. Click here to view the story on how it all started out west. So for all you […]
  • Lindsay & Chris did an unbelievable thing at their wedding.

    Every time I receive a donation, it reassures me that, amongst all this chaos and negativity that the major media networks over saturate us with, there are still people in this world who are willing to lend a helping hand and it makes me smile. Especially with Friends With Hearts, because there is absolutely no […]
  • Join our circle of friends and start your own FWH group

    We could start rambling off statistic after statistic about how poor and in need a certain percentage of families are, but you already know that. You walk through your hometown, and you see it with your own eyes. We aren’t trying to sell you on numbers, but we ARE inviting you to help us put a […]
  • Thank You to The Printing House

    When every cent that comes in goes to the families we sponsor, it makes it extremely difficult to find funding for prints, thank you cards, and media pieces we need for Friends With Hearts. Then The Printing House stepped in. I had been previously using and still use The Printing House for all my printing […]
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